Libbe HaLevy, M.A., CACLibbe HaLevy, M.A., CAC
Producer/Host, Nuclear Hotseat Podcast (
Heartistry Communications

“Dale Bach is a profound, deeply intuitive and phenomenally skilled healer. She has helped me painlessly dissolve emotional blocks and patterns that have held me back from my Life’s Purpose. I have more energy, feel healthier and stronger, and optimistic. Our work together let me move into opportunities that I’d resisted and embrace them without fear. I’m on an upward swing with my life and excited about the future for the first time in many years. Brava, Dale — and thanks!”

Kaine Thompson

Founder, E-maginative Writingkaine_thompson

“When I first came to Dale Bach I was recovering from deep grief and sadness. I had lost so much and was fighting depression. My goal every day was to just get up out of bed. After working with Dale, my life began to change. Dale taught me real techniques for self-nurturing. Before long, I was beginning to feel joy again and even went dancing. She helped me identify and remove mental blocks that were hindering my self-confidence. Eventually I was able to let go of past hurts and move into my authentic self and experience my own radiant beauty. I highly recommend Dale as a knowledgeable and compassionate guide who can lead you from trauma to triumph. Thank you, Dale, for helping me to rediscover my best self so that I could contribute my gifts to the world.”


Testimonial_Page_First_Person_John_CleeseJohn Cleese
Monty Python & the Holy Grail

“Dale has treated me numerous times on many sets over many years (over 18 years?) and her healing work always sends me back to the set with renewed energy after feeling a bit tired. Her results are quite remarkable.. I don’t know how she does it!,”


On Relationships: A.D. – Past Client

“Looking aPageLines-Stock_AppointmentPage.jpgt my spouse has been like looking at  a person through a dirty window. After working with Dale, it felt like cleaning the window and making the person I fell in love with visible again. I am finally reconnected and back in love with my spouse!”



Faith FordFaith Ford
Murphy Brown and Hope & Faith

“I’ve known Dale professionally for over 12 years.
Her sessions have enlightened and continue to empower me.”




Neale Donald Walschneale_donald_walsch

Best-selling author of Conversations with God
Also a Teacher on the movie The Secret

“Dale’s training as an Agape Practitioner and wealth of knowledge on accelerated healing modalities make her an excellent resource for healing past hurts and breaking the chains that have been holding you back. The work she guides you through will be worth years of traditional therapy with results you can see and feel!”


Cherie Metcalfe, Cancer Survivor

Referred to Dale by Dr. Bruce Lipton

“In less than two months of working with Dale, I have noticed a significant shift in my anxiety/fear and have felt stronger and more vibrant than ever before. My family, friends and community are in awe at how great I look and feel.”


Michael Bernard Beckwith


Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center
Author of Life Visioning

“Through her profound inner practices as a spiritual practitioner, Dale Bach leads us from shame and dysfunction into a revolution in consciousness: reclaiming our self-empowerment, realizing our inner wholeness, and accepting ourselves into our own heart.”

Dr. Janette Marie Freeman


Dr. Janette Marie Freeman
Author of Why Did This Happen to Me Again?

MAMMA TRAUMA has compelling stories of the challenges of Dale Bach’s life which opens your heart with deeper compassion invoking the Spirit within and inspiring you with hope and the healing tools to find freedom, forgiveness, and peace. I wholeheartedly endorse this book!”


Mari Smith


Mari Smith
Social Media Thought Leader, Speaker and Visionary
Author of The New Relationship Marketing and Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day

“Dale’s personal story of recovery from trauma will inspire you to take action towards the realization of your own vision for healthy, loving relationships. Allow her accelerated healing techniques to work for you to enrich your life in every way.”


Wendy SilversWendy Silvers
Founder, Million Mamas Movement

The impact of mothering can last a lifetime. My Agape practitioner sister, Dale Bach, has written a beautiful and heart opening book that allows us to glimpse what she experienced in her childhood, how she transcended her trauma and simultaneously offers practices that will allow anyone to heal from any Mamma Trauma.”

“Dale’s book is written in a very candid way that grabs you and makes it hard to put down. It helps heal not only “Mamma Trauma”, but all the little and big traumas we accumulate throughout our lives. The meditations and exercises are amazing, easy to follow and very effective.”


Dr. Judith & Lia AndrewsDr. Judith Andrews, DAOM, L.Ac.
Co-owner of Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic and Spa

Dr. Lia Andrews, DAOM, L.Ac.
Co-owner of Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic and Spa
Author of 7 Times a Woman

“I was moved by her experiences as a brave little girl, and the grace with which she transformed her story into a tool to help others in their healing. I recommend this book to anyone looking to heal their relationships and themselves. Beautiful and inspirational!”

Dr. Valerie C. Gersch, ND


Dr. Valerie C. Gersch, ND
Founder of Kalos Seminars International
Author of Heal The Cause and A New Day In Healing

“Though horrifying at times, this book is bold and honest, a truly brave and inspiring, tender, loving, work of art. Dale Bach has written an indispensable book for those with Mamma Trauma – part memoir, part guidebook, to look deep inside ourselves and heal that innermost part of our soul. Mamma Trauma has a message for all. I highly recommend it!”