Mamma Trauma


If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Your Mother MAMMA TRAUMA is both an autobiography and powerful guide that gives hope and inspiration while teaching you over 30 quick and easy methods for restoring your mind and spirit back to wholeness. Dale Bach recounts her strange, eventful journey of violent childhood abuse at the hands of her mother and the patterns it created. If Dale Bach can heal and have more peace, freedom and happiness, then so can you!


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Right Love Right Now – Coming Soon!


What is Right Love Right Now? It is when you are feeling fully connected to Spirit. It is that sweet deep inner wisdom emerging from the center of your soul to the center of your heart.

When you realize and feel your true worthiness you then have access to right love right now. Your life is changed forever. This book is a guide to help you release all the barriers that have kept you from receiving love in the past and prepares you to be the love that you’ve been searching for.

Right love is an inside job. It is your birthright and is part of your destiny.