Thank You for Joining Me from the Dr. Leslie Show!

If you haven’t manifested your purpose, love, health or wealth you desire – don’t worry!

I am SO excited to facilitate a free Visioning for manifesting your desire and destiny!


Join Me for your Complimentary Visioning Tele-Call on

Wednesday, November 30th at 6:30PM EST / 3:30PM PST

This VISIONING event has been created *especially* for smart, conscious successful women and men to manifest your purpose, greater health, wealth, or healthy loving relationship they long for …

AND have FUN while being supported by a CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY.

Discover your SOUL Purpose and Path!

Let’s Raise your vibration & Connect to your Higher Self to Manifest your Desires

or Create Lifelong Love with the Right Partner.

If you’re willing, NOW is the time.


You have nothing to lose by joining us—enjoy gaining crystal clear clarity with our Visioning call at absolutely no charge, and a lot of CLARITY, LOVE, HAPPINESS and a FULFILLING Life to gain!

If you feel you resonate to this respond now to reserve a space in this Visioning call. (Space is Limited)

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We are vibrational beings & we emit frequencies across a spectrum of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

When we suffer from bodily tension, negative thoughts or challenging feelings, all these can defeat our ability to magnetize & actually repel what we truly desire from coming into our lives.

Please join us in this Complimentary Visioning Process, Only for Dr. Leslie Show Listeners & Friends – the first step in the CHI Process  – Creating Clarity!

In a world filled with media telling us what to do to be happy – we just get confused!  This visioning process will help connect you to what your soul wants – not your ego and give you the clarity and confidence to move forward.

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