All 10 Prayers

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Dale has combined powerful prayers, and affirmations to help and guide you to change your state of mind and heal your heart. Dale’s clients report these benefits:
-going from “ANTS” (Automatic Negative Thinking) to Positive Thinking
-helps to jumpstart their day
-feeling more connection to love
-having more positive energy
-feeling more gratitude and raising their love vibration
-feeling healthier and happier
-from feeling hopelessness and helplessness to inspired action
-listening at the end of the day helps release stress and provide a sense of peace and calm.

“I would like to take this time to stop and give thanks to you, Dale Bach, for the inspiration which you have brought into my life with your Healing Prayers. I feel honored that I found you, especially at this time in my life with many changes and challenges coming my way. You have taught me the importance of not only being thankful to my Heavenly Father, but to say and feel thankfulness for his closeness to me. I have a new phrase that I have started saying many times a day, “Attitude of Gratitude” and this is what you have taught me to live each day. So in my attitude of gratitude, I thank my Heavenly Father that you have shared your knowledge with me to take with me in everything that I do. Namaste”
– P. L. Segers

Sample one or enjoy them all!