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Dr. Leslie Radio Show – Discover Your Worth

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Discover Your Worth…….and DISCOVER YOUR BELOVED! I believe when you realize your worthiness and feel deserving of goodness you then have access to radiant health, happiness and right love, right now! This takes deep reflection, self inquiry, and asking empowering questions as well as doing the work of deep listening, forgiveness, acceptance, and devotional practice of gratitude for what IS. With […]


Building a Strong Spiritual Core

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  A foundation of Right Love, is raising your love vibration and that starts with building a strong spiritual core.  See my video below to learn how to do that through breath work and power statements.


The Difference Between Prayer and Meditation

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Dale Bach: The Difference Between Prayer and Meditation from Dale Bach on Vimeo. Happiness Expert Dale Bach explains the difference between prayer and mediation and why to use both! Ever wondered what the difference between prayer and meditation is? See below to learn the difference and how to use both effectively.