Beware! Something is trying to keep you asleep! Earth is awekening! How about you?

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Spring has sprung in this lovely month of April!

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Spring has sprung! This duck has an attitude! What attitude are you choosing today? Why not allow your inner child to bring you to be adventurous and explore nature?

Our inner child still lives inside our hearts. That’s where our joy lives. Our environment is very important for our health and well-being. Nature nurtures.

Harris, a former Apple employee, learned that the most-successful sites and apps hook us by tapping into deep-seated human needs. I believe one of the biggest needs is CONNECTION.

When we can get away from our cell phones, computers, and offices, we remember the state of being and allowing. Apple deliberately programs their apps to stimulate addictive hormones in our brains to stay connected to our electronics. (CLICK HERE TO READ STORY) We need to wake up and be aware. We love electronics, but when they own us, that is a problem. When we are unconsciously controlled, we give up our power. The time to wake up is now. One way to wake up is to connect with nature. Here, we can calm our minds down and allow ourselves to be. We are human beings not human doings. When our mind takes over, our spirit takes the back seat. Who is in the driver’s seat? More on this subject upon my return in early May from my spiritual retreat, where I’ll be refining my methods on using breath and nature to have my spirit be in the driver’s seat instead of my mind. Would you like to learn more about that? If you want to know about that, send me and email. I’ll be glad to share it with you.

So I invite you to connect with your spirit in nature today. This is Earth Day. Something special to celebrate! We have a beautiful Mother Earth with oceans, forests, deserts, sunsets, and sunrises. So why not get barefoot. Connect the soles of your feet with Mother Earth and feed your soul today with her beauty, love, and give thanks to her. In-joy!

The attitude of gratitude comes easily when we are in a beautiful environment. Remember the most important environment is the one in between your ears.

Connection and addiction. Are they the same thing? Which one are you choosing today?

Note: STAY TUNED for a VISIONING coming your way mid-May! I am currently creating online live interactive group programs, building better connection and community. Specifically for women who are open and wiling to develop greater self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness for themselves and others.  So they can be their highest and best self so they can attract and have their highest and best loving partner. If you want a reactive parnter with the old patterns of pain and wounds of the past, don’t do anything. If you want something different, you’ve got to do the work to heal yourself and be the best verson of you.   Einstein said it best!

In Service & Gratitude… Dale

Go Forth in Joy!


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