Dale Bach

“The Happiness Expert”

Intuitive Counselor Body,
Mind and Spirit

Dale Bach has been called the Happiness Expert and has created the C.H.I. System to help free your mind, mend your heart and enjoy lasting love. She is an Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, completed the Masters of Spiritual Psychology at USM, Reiki Master, teacher, intuitive healer, speaker and author of guided meditations on “The Key to Happiness” and the Bestselling author of the book Mamma Trauma: If It’s Not One Thing…It’s Your Mother and her new upcoming book, Right Love, Right Now.

After a near death experience that changed Dale’s path over 35 years ago, Dale committed to do the work to transcend severe childhood abuse, overcome drug and alcohol abuse and healed from relationships that unconsciously continued her painful patterns.  Dale learned how to take back her power by traveling worldwide where she studied with renowned healers that allowed her to discover life changing healing techniques to transform her life.  Now, she offers these tested and proven, accelerated healing tools through her C.H.I System to her private clients and groups through powerful prayers, meditations, healing workshops, and online and live presentations.

Dale can help connect you to your own Divinity, opening the door to your soul. She ushers in healing light, revealing your Authentic Self. You can see what is beyond the boundaries of your limiting beliefs, engaging your inner strength to take action! Dale Bach brings health, beauty, and grace to life with her vibrant personality and genuine spirit. Expand into new possibilities, and experience profound inspiration with Dale’s unique approach to guided Self-Realization.

Dale is now living her dream, engaged to her divine partner and still enjoys her oceanfront cottage in San Diego, California. She is a grandmother with two grown daughters and has beautiful loving relationships with them now that she has healed the patterns and abusive trauma from her past.

What does C.H.I Stand for?

C. CLEAR the barriers that are keeping you from love // CONNECT – learn to trust and have unshakeable faith with your own inner divine guidance // COMMIT – learn the power of commitment and self-nurturing systems

H. Get to the HEART of the matter & HEAL it.

I. INTEGRATE your Body, Mind & Soul

What is the C.H.I. System?  A combination of several tested and proven accelerated healing techniques that also includes a visioning process that helps clients connect and gain clarity on their higher purpose in relationships, vitality, and destiny so they can have a happy heart.